Black Friday Comes to Casbah

black friday.png

Black Friday is a sort of mini Record Store Day that they have in America.

So the day comes to Casbah Records on 23rd November tool!! Everything is import and very limited, check a list below and come down to our shop!! Happy Hunting!!

    'Hallelujah' L. Cohen/J.Buckley 7" single £12

    'Duquesne Whistle' Bob Dylan 7" single £10

    'Screaming for Vengeance' Judas Priest LP £25

    'Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack' LP £25

    'Scepter Studios Acetate' Velvet Underground LP £25

    'Why Doncha Do Me Right' Frank Zappa 7" £12.99

    'Big City After Dark' Link Wray 7" double pack £12.99

    'Plastic Factory' Captain Beefheart 7"single £8

    'Abba Zabba' Captain Beefheart 7".single £8

    'Upon the My-O-My' Captain Beefheart 7" single £8

    'Echoes' Gene Clark 7" single £8