Counter Culture: Part 10 "What Rocked The Casbah"

Greetings one and all and festive felicitations to all our customers. I'd like to thank everyone who has come to Casbah Records throughout 2014 and hope you'll all be back again soon in the new year. Here's a quick round up of the shop favourites that we thought were the cat's pyjamas this year.

'Event Of The Year'

Kate Bush live at Hammersmith Odeon.
A thrilling, spectacular slice of musical theatre. Quintessentially English and without doubt one of the greatest nights of my life!imgres.jpg

DVD'S Of The Year.

A number of releases worthy of a mention. Firstly, 'Hear My Train A Comin' tells the story of Jimi Hendrix with wonderful style and breathes new life into a well told tale. 'Supermarionation' is the story of Gerry Anderson, the genius behind classics such as Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. A stirring tale of British imagination and expertise on a shoestring! But top prize goes to the BFI's box set release of 'Out Of The Unknown'. Packed full of strange happenings, horror and sci-fi from the fertile ground that was 60's/70's British T.V. Totally indispensable for the cult connoisseur.


Single Of The Year.

Chrissie Hynde 'Dark Sunglasses'
The lead single from a great album. This was a slice of perfect pop with all the hallmarks of her glory days with the Pretenders.

Reissue of The Year.

Lot's of great stuff, including the Fabs mono vinyl box set, Dylan's 'Basement tapes' , Elton's 'Yellow Brick Road' on yellow vinyl.but I'm going for Ultramarine's 'Everyman And woman Is A Star'. First time on vinyl since the early 90's this is a ambient techno masterpiece! Reminds me of my festival days and many a road trip down the A303.

Compilation Of The Year.

'Electricity' Various Artists.
A fantastic collection of totally tuetonic tunes from Dusseldorf. Gron records have hit the jackpot here. Great cover art and not a filler in sight.


Albums Of The Year.

'The Soundcarriers 'Entropicalia'
Ghost Box records present another instant classic. Brilliant cinimatic vibes blended with pyschedelia and twisted folk.


The Temples 'Sun Structures'
Impressive debut from the fey, foppish pastoral prog psych rockers.

The Black Keys 'Turn Blue'
Kicks off like Pink Floyd and ends up like the power pop of the Rasberries! Sandwiched inbetween are some more familiar blues rock outings. A majestic record.

White Fence 'For The Recently Found Innocent'
White Fence, aka Tim Presley and Ty segal comes at you like the vintage Who colliding with the Chocolate Watch Band! This album takes no prisoners!

Ty Segal 'Manipulator'
Probably his most commercial album to date, this is a glam punk masterpiece. Riff-tastic all the way.


LA Sera. 'Hour Of The Dawn'
Poptastic record by the ex Vivian Girl Kate Goodman. Out Go Go's the Go Go's and out Bangles the Bangles! It's not stuck in retroland it's just a classic girl power punk monster of King Kong proportions!


The Pixies 'Indie Cindy'
Whata comeback! Loved this from the first time I dropped the needle down. Great songs, indeed classic songs. They are genius. Buy this album if you know what's good for you!


The Rails 'Fair Warning'
I've worn myself out telling people how good this album is! If you're even the slightest bit interested on English folk/rock then you need this in your life. Kami Thompson and James Walbourne ooze class and style. The songwriting is amazing and it's choc-full of instant classics. I can't praise this highly enough. These two are on a real songwriting hot streak as demonstrated by they're contributions to the Thompson family album that came out a couple of months back. Another winner!


Cat Stevens 'Tell 'Em I'm Gone'
As a life long Cat lover I was over the moon when I listened to 'Tell 'Em I'm Gone'. Not only is it his best album since the comeback but in my opinion it's his most well rounded work since 'Buddah And the Chocolate Box' back in 1974! Praise indeed. Even the artwork harks back to the classic Island label albums of the early 70's. Lyrically it's most stimulating with songs about growing up in the west-end of London in the 60's, being missunderstood by the media and of course the never ending spiritual search. A great record. If this was Dylan or Neil Young everyone would be wetting themselves!


Olivia Jean 'Bathtub Love Killings'
Superb, well crafted punk pop from the ex member of the Black Belles. Great songs, great hooks. A bit of a sleeper I think, yet to be given the plaudets it deserves It's on Third Man records and as ever the man himself is at the controls.

That's it. Any problems let me know. I wont be putting anything else on until after the new year so I'll give you a ring when I've got a new batch of photos to take and we can have a sort out then.

Have a great Christmas, See you soon, Graham x