Counter Culture : Part 2

'Roll up roll up, step right this way'. Hello, bonjour, pronto, ola and welcome to Counter Culture Part Two. This month we're revelling in nostalga for three titans of the 60's and 70's. The Beatles, the Stones and Big Star!

First and fab-er-most is the long overdue release of the beatles' 'magical mystery tour' on dvd. Fully restored in all it's psychedelic glory it's a must for all Beatles heads!

It's available as a DVD or Blue Ray on their own or as a deluxe box set containing a replica vinyl ep, a superb book with many unseen pics and of course the film itself. The extras include the original promo film for 'hello goodbye' shown on top of the pops,deleted scenes, complete music clips from the film and a commentry track from macca which is full of insightful and droll comments as you would expect.

The film looks amazing! If only the public and critics had seen it like this back in 1967 maybe they would have had a more enlightened view. Maybe. It's all clearer than a clear day on blue jay way and a joy to behold!

Almost as fab is the release of a brand new rockumentary about the cult band, Big Star. 'Big Star; Nothing Can Hurt Me' premiered at the London Film Festival last week and charts the history of the much admired but often overlooked band.

Born out of memphis Big Star featured the considerable talents of Alex Chilton and Chris Bell. Their sound which owed much to their love of british invasion pop found itself out of favour with the early seventies public and although adored by the critics they managed only three albums before spliting up. What a band though! There can't be many greater debut albums in rock history than 'No 1 record' and it's a well deserved and overdue testament to a great band.

Go and see it if you can or scoop up the dvd as soon as it's out!

Did I dream the headline, 'Stones blast back with killer single' ? Well, no apparently not, for it's true! You don't know how much pleasure it gives me to say those words and argue the case to any detractors. Because mick and the boys have proved everyone who thought they were way passed commiting anything meaningful to vinyl wrong!

The new single, 'Doom and Dloom' is a classic slice of Stones rockin and rollin riffery with a mixture of 'gimmie shelter' menace and 'it's only rock and roll' strut!

If I didn't own one already I'd be strolling down with a slightly camp hand on my hip to the nearest record boutique to purchace a copy. (hopefully vinyl will be forthcoming).

The stones will be lumbering into Greenwich town towards the end of november to play two shows at the 02.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion I'm declaring Sunday the 25th of November 'Stones Day' in the shop! There will be dressing up, non stop stoned sounds and a cornucopia, which by the way the dictionary describes thus; 'a symbol of plenty, consisting of goat's horn, overflowing with fruit and flowers'! of stones records and memorabillia to stimulate even the most jaded of palettes.

Here's to the strolling bones, mick and keef. They should be running this country instead of all these crappy people we've got now! Mick for chancellor and Keith for P.M. What could go wrong!

I must just give a quick mention to a fantastic new book called, 'Pop: Design, Culture, Fashion 1956 - 1976. It's out now and a must for students of all things groovy!